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History of the 

East Hanover Volunteer Fire Department

The first fire service to be provided in East Hanover was done by the Hanover Hook & Ladder Co. This was a horse-drawn unit equipped with ladders buckets and axes. It was located at the intersection of River Road and Mt. Pleasant Ave. in a building that still stands today.

Members of the Hanover Community Club formed the Hanover Neck Volunteer Fire Co. in 1919.

The fire company was incorporated on June 13, 1927 by the then County Clerk Morris County.

The first apparatus was a 1912 "Republic" which was purchased from the Pine Brook Fire Co. This unit was purchased by the Hanover Community Club and given to the Hanover Neck Volunteer Fire Co. on July 13, 1927. The truck was kept at the Kitchell church house shed. At that time, the church bell was used to sound a fire alarm.

On August 10, 1927, the Hanover Neck Volunteer Fire Co. purchased two lots from the "Own Your Own Home Association" who were developing residential property in the township. These lots were on Ridgedale Ave. near Cleveland Ave. Plans were produced and approved to build a 24x30 building on those lots on July 11, 1928.

On October 10, 1928, a proposal was made to acquire the Timmons property. Approval was made on October 25, 1928 to make the purchase for $2,500. This became the first fire station for the department.

On August 12, 1929, the Hanover Neck Hook & Ladder Co. donated ladders and money to the Hanover Neck Fire Co.

On July 9, 1930, three gongs were strategically placed throughout the township to function as a fire alarm.

In April 1931, a siren was placed on the firehouse to augment the signaling system.

In 1934, all fire apparatus were turned over to the township and a municipal ordinance was passed creating the East Hanover Volunteer Fire Department.

The firehouse was sold in 1940 and Town Hall was expanded to permit location of the fire station. As the township grew, so did the Fire Department. Later in the decade, the same building expanded to house, town government, the police, and fire operations. 

Fire department membership, realizing the need for a space to conduct meetings and training, placed an addition in the rear. More modern trucks and equipment became necessary to deal with changes in the town in business and population. The Fire Co. realized the need for a First Aid squad and helped in its' formation. It donated the first ambulance, a 1948 Buick, to the newly-formed Squad. 

Sept. 15, 1959, the town adopted the National Fire Code.

As growth continued, the need for a second station near Route 10 was clear. Expansion also presented problems of sounding alarms. On October 11, 1960 all firefighters were given "Plectrons" to receive notification of a problem.

On January 9, 1968 Station #2, near Mt. Pleasant Ave. (today at the rear of T.G.I. Fridays') was placed into operation. 

Through the period of extensive growth of the 70's, emphasis was placed on upgrading equipment, installation of a good water supply system (hydrants), and Heavy Rescue capabilities. Town government and the police relocated to a new building, leaving the expanding fire department as the sole occupant of the original building. 

In 1981, the existing headquarters was converted to the township library and the new headquarters (our current location) was inaugurated. This facility offers 6 bays, ample storage space, meeting and training facilities, and deeper access necessary as vehicles increase in length. In the 80's and 90's, we have again gone through a period of equipment upgrades as regulations and risks have constantly changed.

This site is dedicated to all those who have served, giving of their time and effort, with their only reward knowing that they have helped their fellow citizen. As we enter the new millenium, we face continued growth of the township, the need to maintain our technology equal to the new dangers that present themselves in the form of new materials, and new regulatory requirements. As in all groups of this type, we also face the challenge of maintaining our rosters so that we are sure to have sufficient firefighters to protect the township. The Fire Co. has accomplished many things in its' 75 years of existence with the help of the citizens and government of the town. With their help, we will continue to be here ready to serve when the call comes.

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